Our aviary for pullets is designed to offer the best comfort as well as a better and natural mobility of the pullets in the system, facilitating the daily management due to a complete vision of all the components.

Easy visual control of the system.
Pullets adaptability and mobility from the first day.
Quick assembly system and easy to access.
Excellent uniformity results.
Low mortality rate.
Comfortable and easy to use.

In our Green Start model we have prioritized the welfare of the birds and the comfort of the poultry farmer when carrying out the daily checks of the situation of the birds and the system. The design of the aviary and the distribution of the elements that make part of it facilitate the natural behavior of the hens within the system, being able to access naturally to all their needs of food, water and laying.The assembly system allows to have the installation ready for use in less time. Your well-being is our priority.