Jaulas enriquecidas Zucami


All our models of enriched cages for layers are designed to provide birds with the best production environment.

Unique design on the market.
Quick installation.
Excellent production results.
Comfortable and easy to use.
Quality and durability.
According to EU Animal Welfare Regulations.

Our revolutionary and innovative assembly system allows for having the facility in an operative mode faster, owing to an intuitive and easy concept.

All models are designed using smooth and circular shapes, creating comfort surfaces, which are pleasant for the birds. Their well-being is our priority.

Their characteristic green color, Zucami’s distinguishing feature and internationally known, is present within our wide range of products.

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Zucami instalaciones
Instalaciones de lujo, zucami
Gallinas sanas Zucami
Gallinas Zucami Confort

Available options

We have two egg-collection systems: elevator and lifter. In its initial part, each row incorporates one of these automatic systems of egg-collection.

The eggs are laid on a conveyor belt, for their future centralization and classification.

Both systems reduce to a minimum the percentage of eggs that are disqualified due to breaks, fissures, or filth.