Using the heat energy of the birds, it allows in 24 hours to obtain a percentage of dry matter of 80/85%. No odors, insects and gases derived from ammonia.

Reduction of emissions to the atmosphere.
Percentage of humidity in the nal product 15% – 20%.
Fully automated process.
Drying time 24 hours.
Maximum capacity 300,000 birds.

Manure removal takes place using polypropylene belts and with a frequency of 3 to 7 days, depending on plant length. Until now, manure were transported to the exterior, where lorries picked them up. Poultry humidity percentage ranged between 80% and 85%.

ZUCAMI has developed a processing system that dries an 85% of the poultry and eliminates smells, insects, and gases derived from ammoniac: the Seconov system.

Once extracted, poultry is transported to the superior part of the Seconov, where a mechanical rake extends it creating a thin layer. Through a tunnel that leads to the plant and using high-pressure ventilators, the system uses the heat produced by the birds to dry the poultry manure. Once dry, it is dropped on the lower level of the system, from where, after another drying process, it shall be transported to the manure storage. With this system, the poultry farmers can keep poultry until its commercialization.

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Seconov, turbinas
Seconov, secado de gallinaza
Seconov, secado de gallinaza
Seconov, secado de gallinaza
Seconov, secado de gallinaza
Seconov, secado de gallinaza