ZUCAMI VIP sponsor of the aviFORUM-PUESTA

ZUCAMI showing once again its dedication and commitment to the laying hens sector, has participated as a VIP sponsor in the aviFORUM-PUESTA, a reference event for the laying hens in Spain and Portugal.

AviFORUM-PUESTA 2019, has already become a reference within the events that gather the biggest representatives of the laying hens in the Iberian Peninsula and ZUCAMI, one more year, has participated as a VIP sponsor of these conferences.

The meeting, aimed at veterinarians, laying farm technicians, producers, managers of rearing farms and companies selling chicks, aviFORUM-PUESTA, took place in Seville on 27, 28 and 29 November.

During his participation Pablo Sendra showed the numerous audience how the equipment in alternative laying houses can help us to reduce the number of eggs outside the nest.

“All the eggs laid outside the nest in alternative laying systems (type 2, 1 and 0 eggs) mean a considerable loss in product quality and an increase in collection costs, with negative repercussions on the profitability of the farm. Therefore, we must direct the hens and educate them to lay inside the nest. Can the house equipment help us to maximize the nest eggs? The answer is certainly yes, if we know how.”

Pablo Sendra, Veterinarian and Product Manager in Alternative Laying Systems for ZUCAMI.

Also, this first day was discussed about the emerging pathologies in the new alternative poultry systems, as well as the way to deal with them. There was also an opportunity to inform and debate on the ethology of the hen in the new production systems, a topic that is undoubtedly very interesting for producers who suffer alterations in the behaviour of the hens.

The second day of the technical meeting focused on such important issues for the sector as animal nutrition and its impact on egg quality. At this point, the debate focused on the critical points to be taken into account in the feeding of hens from alternative productions, as well as on the supplements that are available to improve egg quality.









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