At Zucami we want you to get a better return on investment, for this reason, all our broiler cages models integrate elements that offer an optimal growing environment for the birds, and therefore, an exceptional way to improve broiler production.


With Zucami broiler cages you will obtain excellent conversion results

The dimensions have been created in order to guarantee the maximum welfare for the birds

Our system is characterized by a high production density

Zucami cages allow better handling for the poultry farmer, while saving costs and labor time

Thanks to their innovative design, with broiler cages you will achieve results such as low broiler mortality and high meat quality

Our broiler cage system revolutionizes the way of utilizing the house surface by allowing higher animal density, while obtaining healthy animals, with fast and uniform growth.

At the same time, the design of the cages allows the adaptation of 3 to 6 levels of floors, which allow at all times easy access to the animals, control and management of the housing. The dimensions of the cage provide adequate air exchange at all times.



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