Drying of poultry manure is a non-polluting way to dispose of poultry droppings within the same farms, in addition to generating an alternative that gives added value to an abundant organic waste.

ZUCAMI has developed a treatment system that dries 85% of the poultry manure and eliminates odors, insects and gasses derived from ammonia: the Seconov system. All this in 24 hours, using the heat energy of the birds themselves.


Seconov offers a fully automated process

Fast drying of poultry manure

Reduction of emissions to the atmosphere with Seconov

Easy to handle and pelletized product

For better distribution with the usual means of transport

The manure is extracted using polypropylene belts and with a frequency of 3 to 7 days, depending on plant length. Once extracted, the manure is transported to the upper part of the Seconov, where a mechanical rake spreads it forming a thin layer.

The system uses the heat generated by the birds themselves to dry the layer of poultry manure through a tunnel that connects to the house and by means of powerful fans. Once dried, it is dropped to the lower part of the tunnel from where, after another drying process, it will be transferred to the storage area. With Seconov, the poultry farmer can keep the poultry manure until it is commercialized.



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